My Story

Welcome to my blog. Like the rest of you viewing my blog, I love Make up and beauty products but struggled with the different reactions. The reason I set up this blog is not only to take me away from the disease and have some fun but the valuable input and experience I can share on safe and unsafe products, that I have used.

When I first started reacting to make up and beauty products I was devastated, yes I was vain! As a teenager my beauty regime every morning before school was hair blow dried and styled and make up on. I don’t ever remember leaving the house without looking immaculate then or as an adult, family trait! I took after my father who was always groomed, suited and booted with his Elvis quiff never out of place.

In 2010 my skin was flaring and I was breaking out in pink/red pimples/freckles that would not budge when in the sun or in a hot bath. I became intolerant to alcohol products but more devastating was intolerance to alcohol and not just alcohol other  beverages too, even hot tea and coffee.

I tried so many products, lotions, creams, every brand but I was still having skin reactions. My health drastically deteriorated and by 2013 I was diagnosed with Urticaria Pigmentosa and a skin biopsy confirmed cutaneous mastocytosis. My face was covered; my torso, legs, arms and back.

So this vain teenager who grew up with a porcelain complexion and refused to leave the house without her lippy was now isolated in a world far apart to what she was used to. I would cringe when I looked in the mirror, not only did the disease debilitate me but it stripped me of my confidence.

Two years down the line losing a battle I knew I could never win as there is no cure, my psychological state of mind in tatters, I knew I had to concentrate on me. I became selfish, not from choice but from the circumstance of the disease. I was isolated from the world so I concentrated on me, figured out my triggers, avoided everyone that was stressful in my life. Even my kids know they must not tell me anything that will cause an emotion as it could trigger a reaction.

By avoiding trigger foods & drugs, chemicals and scents, taking correct medication and the love and support from friends and family I pulled out of the black hole and decided I needed to take drastic measures with my face. The disease had aged me, dehydrated my skin, cracked my skin. I needed to talk about it, talk about what I love, Make up!

So as I am unable to go out and source and test products I spend my time online shopping and researching. I made some real bad choices which cost me dearly bringing on reactions, pumping head, nausea, blood pressure drop, sugar level drop, skin flares and sore irritated eyes. Who would have thought make up could do this? Researching safer products I came across minerals hmm so my daughter bought me bare minerals, I was so excited I couldn’t wait to put my face on, I spent all morning perfecting the swirl tap and cover until I had full coverage and OMG I looked like a different person, finished my eye make up and lips and waited in my room expecting a reaction and nothing!

It was at that point my state of mind took a turn for the better, look good feel good came to mind. I changed my daily routine, forced myself (even on my bad days) to make an effort to wash, dress and make up, even if I would fall into bed within the hour from my fatigue and bone pain. In the last three months my chronic fatigue and malaise and horrid IBS symptoms began to lessen, no not from make up, but from the golden opportunity in trying a drug that could potentially help the masto suffer.

The good days now consist of getting my life back and doing what I can, no longer grieving for what I can’t. It’s still a million miles away from the life I once had but I am thankful to be here. Unable to work and needing to train the brain to keep going and fight through the brain fog my amazing other half offered to build me a forum and interact with other disease suffers and exchange tips and products that I tried and different brands of products others use, we are all so different and what’s safe for me is not necessarily for an other and vice versa.

So while he got busy building the forum I got busy one night setting up a Facebook group and page. I left it dormant as I ventured further into my project. I wrote to a few big brand companies and small ones. One organic company sent me samples to test and wow! I found a mascara that I could safely use, thank you essential care.

I published the page and group five weeks later, late one night and by the morning I had 13 members all interacting. I posted pictures and chatted about new products I have bought online and samples that I had been sent that I was safe with. We exchanged lotions and potions and brands. Wow the day flew by and I had the biggest grin and a great feeling of self worth. The biggest grin was when I received a reply from bare minerals. Not only did they invite me to head office but also appointed a make up artist for a make under and gifts for me to take home, I can’t wait!

While I was absorbing the events of the day It suddenly dawned on me, I am not alone in my struggle we all want to cover those masto spots, so I emailed bared minerals asking if we could do a video tutorial and they agreed! So from an idea for a forum came a blog, you tube channel Facebook group, page and Twitter.

It sure is a work in progress but so worth it if one more person can look good and feel good and be taken away, even for a short time from the misery of our disease.

2010 Before the disease took hold
2013 the peak of the disease
This is me currently with the correct medication and positive mindset, taking control of my life

I am not a makeup artist, just a disease sufferer with my own personal tips and beauty regime which i am sharing with you and other mast cell sufferers.

Why did I set up alone and not interact with our disease groups?

Well, I felt guilty asking questions on the group’s on my good days, about petty make up when members are pouring out heart breaking health issues seeking help and advice…..

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