Daily Routine

My Daily Routine without reactions. It really comes together when I use my favourite Bare Minerals products

I was delighted when my daughter bought me bare minerals ready to go kit, seriously could not wait to try.

Reading through the instructions my first thoughts where what is what and were do I start, but it really is easy and quick to master and apply. I will explain how it’s applied further down.

I sat in front of my dressing table and prepped my face with light moisture as I have been reacting to most moisturisers, thankfully Clinique do a fragrance free and I have been able to tolerate without skin flares, more on moisturisers in another post later on. The whole process took me about 30 minutes, that includes eyes, brows and lips, done to complete the look.  It now actually takes me no more than 15 minutes as practice does make perfect, so they say!

I was waiting for the hot red flush on my face, the head sweat and red swollen eyes and pumping head, not sure why I sat waiting so long as in fact nothing happened. I sat for 45 minutes and actually the longer I sat there the more I noticed the products blending into my skin and making the look more natural, apparently after reading more about bare minerals that is exactly what happens.

Just at that moment when I realised I was absolutely fine, no reactions it truly turned my mood around and after a year of no make and feeling and looking aged I actually felt and looked half decent, the old saying sprung to mind look good feel good!

At that moment I made a promise to myself, that I would make the effort every morning to start looking presentable once again with a morning routine half an hour of pampering, it really does lift the mood!

  1. The Foundation is SPF 20, lightly swirl the brush and tap off excess  (I recommend using the brushes in the kit) gently buff onto skin for invisible coverage plus a 108% increase in skin hydration. Use the mini tapered brush for medium coverage and the mini precision brush for full coverage.
  2. The Touch Up Veil is SPF 15 and applied over the foundation with the mini tapered face brush, again by swirling and tapping off excess, the veil will  reduce the appearance of imperfections, focus on the T zone and touch up through out the day if necessary to eliminate shine.
  3. The Bronzer is a waterproof bronze colour that lasts up to 8 hours, using the mini tapered brush again swirl and tap then apply to areas the sun would naturally hit, cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin.  To contour your face, sweep the bronzer from the natural hollow of your cheeks up and back toward the hairline, along the jawline and along the sides of the nose.
  4. The Luminizer again using the mini tapered brush. Very lightly gather onto the brush and tap of the excess then gently sweep over cheeks, forehead and the bridge of your nose. To make the colours pop blend into the inner corners of your eyes and brow bones to highlight.
  5. The Correcting Concealer is SPF20 used before the foundation, you only need a small amount on blemishes, under eyes and on other imperfections to reduce the appearance of dark spots and discolorations.
I have done some research and the best price I have found so far is from Amazon, I do most of my shopping from there as I am fortunate enough to hold a prime account but you can shop around from stores of your choice. I have attached the link below.

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