Last week I had a make under at bare minerals head office (bare Escentuals) to show me products and let me try them in the hopes that I would not react and in order to help me extend my make up range.

I was ecstatic to find I did not react to any I tried and finally found a mascara that did not make such a mess.

My biggest problem with make up was always mascara, I tried several different brands including so called safe ones but all caused some reactions, red and blood shot eyes, sore and swollen within minutes. I have dry eye syndrome and all of the mascara’s I used made my eyes well up and I ended up in tears it was just like a dripping tap, great on dry eye days but OMG what a mess after my make up was all on.

I am pleased to say that not only do I not react but gorgeous dramatic lashes that finish and compliment any eye look.

Product Description

Provides superior volume, perfect definition & mineral care Boasts an exclusive NutriPlump TM formula that intensely plumps lashes up to 600% With super-plush, ultra- soft bristles that mildly coat every lash creates thick, full & fluttering lashes Paraben-free, smudge-proof, flake-free & clump-free Ophthalmologist-tested Safe for contact lens wearers