Corrective Compact Cream Foundation

After feeling like a lead weight for the last couple of days but still managing my daily basic make up routine even though I spent most of the day in bed, I woke up this morning feeling quite well. The only thing on my mind was making myself look normal, I needed to cover the black panda eyes this disease causes when reacting and also cover the masto marks that looked so prominent due to a flared skin reaction.

The only product that can do it all is of course Dermablend!

No need for colour correctors, concealers or doubling up on my normal daily routine. I love my daily routine when my face is not so damaged from reactions and love Dermablend on the days I need that extra easy help.

Full coverage in 5 minutes, eyeliner, mascara lip gloss and all done in 10 minutes and look at the results!

The instructions recommend using the sponge that comes with it, but I prefer to use a brush, its quick and I found I do not waste as much product as using a sponge.